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electrician working with wires



Canned Lighting
(Includes light fixture and Installs)

$69.99 Each*

TV Mount
(Including Mount, Hardware, New Outlet)


Back-up Whole Home Generator
(200 amps, 10KW's, Automatic Switchover )

* Pricing includes labor for typical install. Typical install covers 45 minutes per can

From outlets to ceiling fans, you can count on the electricians at Big John's to keep your home, in the Salt Lake City area, running smoothly. Our experienced team of electricians are capable of handling all types of residential electrical projects including full system installation, repairs, and panel work. We also offer quick diagnostic and repair services throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

Our team of electricians can install the latest and greatest technologies in your home including automation systems and smart devices. We take pride in our work and do our best to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Whatever your needs may be, the electricians at Big John's in Salt Lake City can help.

electrical tools

Some of the Services Our Electricians Provide Include:


No matter how simple it may seem, it's important to leave electrical repairs to the professionals. If not repaired, these problems can cause widespread damage and threaten the safety of your family. Whatever your issue is, our electricians in Salt Lake City will investigate and provide an affordable solution to repair the issue.


From light dimmers to phone chargers, the need for electricity in the home is unending. Whether you have run out of outlets, want a dimming switch, or just started finishing your basement, our electricians can help. We can install, move, repair, or remove just about any outlet, light or appliance within the home.


As home automation and other technologies continue to grow, appliances are appearing outside more and more often. From video doorbells and landscape lighting to security cameras and more, the need for electricity outside the home has never been greater. Our electricians can help you install and set up a wide range of devices, gadgets, and other exterior appliances.

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

A malfunction in your system can be caused by many different things. Worn out parts, shorted wires, overheating and, bad components can all contribute to potential electrical failures. Our team of master electricians can diagnose any commercial or residential problem quickly and provide an affordable solution to resolve the issues.

Electrical Panel & Fuse Box

Many older homes are not equipped with modern or adequate electrical panels to serve their needs. This can lead to significant problems and can also be a potential hazard. If you frequently experience blown fuses, it may be an issue with your electrical panel, circuit breaker, or fuse box.